Tree Climbing in the Dandenong Ranges

Footage of a hazardous tree being removed by an experienced tree climber and ground crew

Mulching using Cat 312c as anchor machine

Sometimes it is so steep even the Spider can’t do the job alone. In this case we used the Cat 312c as an anchor for the M545x so the steep terrain under the transmission lines could be mulched.

When we say ‘All-Terrain’, we mean it

One of the Spider Excavators making its way through a job site in order to continue mulching weeds

Dandenong Ranges Storm Cleanup

A storm ravaged South-East Melbourne in June 2021, the Dandenongs were hit hard with many trees falling and causing extensive damage to properties. Access was limited due to the number of trees across roads so we were brought in to assist with the cleanup.

Mulching with Spider Excavator

Footage of the M545X mulching steep terrain with the assistance of built in winch

Fuel Break Construction

Construction of a fuel break with machinery and an experienced climber using a GRCS (lowering device)

Spider Excavators

Both Spider Excavators have been working hard in regional Victoria doing fuel reduction by mulching the area. It is steep, sometimes under powerlines and by the roadside but that is all in a days work for these machines.

Hazardous Tree Removal using DRCS Lowering Device

In order to safely remove limbs from this hazardous tree, a lowering device was used by the crew to carefully bring down the branches. An 8t excavator was on site to place the debris into one area and keep the working space clear whilst causing minimal ground disturbance.

Road Upgrade

Major improvements were made to this road making it safer for vehicles to access the fuel break. As the 4km track was unsuitable for trucks all materials had to be brought in via dump truck, excellent job done by all

Mulching at a historical site

Working at ‘Emu Bottom Homestead’, an original homestead of Victoria. There were culturally significant zones we worked around while targeting and mulching weeds.

End of Year Video

Thank you to everyone for the continued support. Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas, we will see you in 2021!

Delicate river re-routing

A unique project to be part of, re-instating the channel to its original location flowing under a footbridge. Unlike normal spiders, this one doesn’t seem to mind the water.

They go where no other machine can

The Spider Excavators working together mulching in a culturally sensitive area over steep terrain

Fuel Break Construction

Construction of a fire break that is located close to power lines. Climbers were brought in to assist and ensure that the job was done safely.

Tree Removals in Templestowe

Removal of hazardous pine trees using climbers and a large crane to safely bring them to the ground. This was a great job to be a part of!

Each tree was cut half way up by a qualified climber and then brought down to the ground by the crane.

Mulching waterways

One of the Spider excavators doing some maintenance work mulching in a few tricky places where conventional excavators cannot access.

Storm Clean Up

In August 2020 a storm wreaked havoc in the outer eastern suburbs in Victoria causing extensive damage to many properties. We were called in to assist in the clean up and remove hazardous and fallen trees.

Freeway Night Works

Footage of the Spider excavator working with a harvesting head felling trees and feeding Bandit chipper

From hazardous trees to golf green

Footage of our crew removing 20 cypress trees that had become hazardous to power lines and pedestrians. We were tasked with not only the removal of trees and debris, but also the clean up right down to sowing grass seed.

Post Bushfire Clean Up

At the start of 2020 we spent seven weeks in Orbost, Victoria working to clear hazardous trees from approximately 120km of road. Our crew includes advanced tree fallers and experienced machine operators who worked in a Spider excavator, 8 & 14 tonne excavators and two posi track skid steers. We are incredibly proud to have worked alongside local DELWP crews and the Australian Army to ensure the roads are safe to travel on.

Precison Work

CAT 297D Posi Track plus Caterpillar Box Blade set up with GPS, seen here trimming crushed rock to prepare for concrete. This is ideal for applications where a normal grader is too big, in this case the job was set up with a V drain and pits down the middle.

Spider Excavator doing what it does best

Menzi Muck M545 mulching selected woody weed in steep terrain in Victoria, Australia